Commercial Management

In addition to our commercial brokerage, IPS offers management services to owners of retail shopping centers, commercial condominiums, and other properties.  Managing these properties in-house can put a strain on the operation, taking focus away from the primary business.

Turning the day-to-day tasks over to a qualified property manager frees up time and can result in a better bottom line.

Save Time and Money

IPS has licensed commercial real estate agents available to find qualified tenants, negotiate lease terms, and perform credit checks. Our site management team collects rent, makes routine inspections, and handles maintenance & repairs. 

Enforces Leases Fairly

IPS ensures that tenants meet our client’s expectations. We enforce lease terms in a manner consistent with our client’s management style.  

Improve Tenant Satisfaction

IPS manages our client’s property as if it was our own.  We make sure the owner’s investment is well maintained, run efficiently, with maximum occupancy.  We respond promptly to tenant concerns and maintenance requests.  Our customer service is second to none!

Utilize Our Vendor Network

IPS has a vast network of qualified vendors in every category – landscaping, snow removal, HVAC, plumbing – and more.  We follow our client’s bidding guidelines to make sure the right contractor does the work for the right price.

Ensure Compliance with Regulations

IPS can help navigate a variety of regulations, including building codes, safety regulations, and zoning laws.  Attention to these details helps avoid fines and penalties.  

Maximize Return on Investment

IPS has experience on both sides of commercial real estate, so we can help set competitive rents, manage expenses, and identify opportunities to increase rental income.

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