HOA/Condo Management

Serving on the Board of a deed-restricted community can be a fulfilling experience, but it can also be time consuming and challenging. Collecting association dues and handling violations is just the beginning. Maintenance, trash collection, lawn care, and snow removal may also be required. Pools, clubhouses, and golf courses add yet another layer to an already burdensome commitment.  

Investment Property Services has over 15 years of experience helping Board Members deal with all these areas. We have over 5,000 homes under contract and we take the time to develop the right plan to fit your needs. Select the options you want – no matter how simple or complex.

Site Management

We are a resource to help HOA or Condominium Association Boards meet the needs of a dynamic Community. We not only provide support in maintaining the physical components, but share our knowledge and expertise to address the intangible –  like safety and wear and tear that impact its financial health.

Financial Management

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously!  Our checks and balances assure transparency and accuracy. We manage the budget efficiently, focus on reducing delinquency, and provide a comprehensive portfolio of reports. We are always available to review the details and answer questions.

Vendor Management

We have built a network of vendors and service providers with great skills and stellar reputations. We follow the Board’s bidding guidelines, and recommend those contractors that can can meet those expectations at a reasonable price. In addition, we can work with contractors that may already be on board.

Communication Management

We believe a good relationship starts with good communication. We are the Board’s voice when Residents have questions or concerns. We also strive to keep communication channels open with our Board contacts to make sure we’re working on the right priorities. We ask for feedback through regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys and frequent face-to-face meetings.

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