Management Services

Our management division handles almost all types of management accounts – commercial retail properties, home owners associations, condominium associations, apartments and office uses. As with all IPS services, this part of the business requires almost daily, one on one communication with board members, developers, tenants, residents, vendors as well as lawyers, real estate agents and government officials. Because we are a “people oriented” company, this falls right in line with our philosophy of treating everyone fairly and equitably while administering and enforcing the rules and regulations that they must abide by. Our success comes from our attention to details at the same time recognizing the importance of each and every person that we deal with.

Commercial Retail Properties

In conjunction with our investment sales, IPS offers our clients management services that afford them “one stop shopping” and the ability to invest in real estate without the headaches of the daily management tasks. We manage properties as if they are ours, making sure that the owner’s investment is well maintained, runs efficiently and maximizes occupancy. Our experience covers small properties to larger centers in excess of 200,000 sq. ft. Either way, our hands on approach and concern for details makes IPS one of the industry leaders in this type of management.

Home Owners Association

Since 2009 when the State of Delaware revamped the DUCOIA statute, management in this area has become more structured. What was once a self managed or casually managed business model has now evolved into a closely legislated and monitored process. Boards across the State are finding themselves overwhelmed with the sometimes complex issues surrounding the new law and reconsidering whether the association is best handled by third party management instead of volunteers from the community. IPS has been able to offer our expertise in the various types of HOA’s – fully vested, under developer control, ready for transition, and even HOA’s faced with a defunct or bankrupt developer. We have worked with the residents, the lawyers, the municipality and the developer in trying to get the association on track and in compliance. In short, IPS has the background and expertise to handle any problems that may arise. IPS manages Home Owners Associations in all three Counties where we conduct bi monthly inspections at each community as well as handling the collection process and issuance of monthly reports to all Board members. We are a full service management firm that works one on one with the residents, even in the case of developer controlled associations.

Locations We Manage

  • Brenford Woods
  • Eden Hill Farms
  • Emerald Pointe
  • Heritage Trace
  • The Townhomes of Governors Square
  • The Village of Cannon Mill
  • The Village of Fox Meadow
  • The Village of Long Creek
  • The Villages at Millwood


Apartments require a different management structure than other properties. Many times, these assets need on site management as well as support services in order to operate effectively. IPS is experienced in both off site and on site management having overseen scattered site units, high rise and mid rise projects. Again, with all of our other types of management, Investment Property Services excels in establishing personal relationships with our tenants while maintaining professionalism and at the same time protecting the assets of our owners. IPS has also specialized in senior rental housing, understanding the human element that a management company must bring to these communities.


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Both Christina and Domenick of IPS are wonderful! Their property management team has made our relocation to DE an absolute joy! Customer service is the ultimate! When our HOA is finally made up of homeowners, I will insist that they continue to be our Property Manager!
Cathy Thompson

Ed and I feel fortunate after 8 years to finally have a Property Manager who is not only efficient and hard working, but courteous and polite as well. Having worked with the public all of my adult life, I know how difficult your job can be.

IPS is truly awesome – thank you for being SO helpful!! I wish everyone communicated as well as you do!
Melissa Jamieson

Christina took over management of a baffling property situation with tenacity and poise. She was always professional and responsive. I felt that she was always searching for the optimal solution.
Francis J. Kardos

Condominium Associations

Due to the make up of condominium developments, interaction with residents is more pronounced. This falls in line with Investment Property Service’s area of expertise – a people oriented, hands on management firm. Because of their nature, condo associations require more personal attention and involvement. In addition, condo associations have a tendency to be more involved in the decision making process as it relates to management. With that in mind, IPS structures each management agreement to coincide with the needs of the community, including the pricing of the monthly management fees. We do not believe in “one size fits all” approach as is offered by other management firms. Rather, we look at each association to assess the special wants and needs of the residents, offering cost cutting suggestions, and, again, personalized service.

Because of our knowledge of the DUCIOA regulations, IPS has been able to direct our clients as they move toward compliance to the new regulations. We have the background, the knowledge, the expertise and the people skills to handle any association at a reasonable price.

Locations We Manage

  • Carriage House Row on the Brandywine
  • Concord Point
  • The Devon
  • Eagles Bluff
  • Rockland Mills
  • Steeple Glenn
  • Lighthouse Village
  • The Pointe
  • The Village of Fountainview


Investment Property Services views office management similar to our other management accounts but instead of residents, there are business tenants. Either way, we offer hands on service and attention to detail while protecting our client’s asset. IPS has background in various forms of tenant fit out and facilities management which enhances the service we can provide our clients. As with our other management accounts, IPS offers superior management, attention to details, precise record keeping and constant communication with our client. We manage your asset with the same concern as if we owned it.