Investment Analysis

Many commercial brokerage firms are successful in assisting clients in buying and selling of commercial properties. At IPS, we take it a step further. We recognize that all investors are different so we meet with our clients and make it a point to understand their investment strategy whether it is short term or long term.

For Sellers, we advise on how to price a property correctly to be competitive with the current market, as well as the criteria that banks will use in determining how much a buyer can finance. We keep current on the fluctuations in the market in order to maximize our clients return on their investment. Last, we provide assistance in minimizing the tax impact a sale would have on our clients by meeting with their tax advisors and suggesting alternative ways to mitigate some of the tax burden a sale would create.

open • honest • hands on • personalized

For Buyers, we begin by doing a cursory financial analysis of prospective purchases to see if it meets our clients’ strategy. We “peel the onion” to uncover any projections that the marketing material may contain and determine if those projections are accurate, attainable, and consistent with our clients’ goals. Last, we are deeply involved in any due diligence investigation - coordinating inspections, reviewing all leases and financial information, meeting with local officials, and coordinating the process with our clients’ attorneys, accountants and lenders.

In short, IPS provides a full menu of services to our clients, whether they are small investors or large ones, first time investors or seasoned veterans, individuals or corporations. Our analysis will be open, honest, hands on and personalized specific to our clients’ needs.